About me

Hi there,

so let me say something about me!

Although I am electrical engineer by formal education my heart belongs with photography.

Every free moment I try to spend with the camera in my hand and it is almost impossible to see me without my backpack caring camera because I always have feeling that I might miss that perfect or interesting moment if I don’t have it with me and my hands are kind of empty without it :).

I have won several awards for my work but the things that always push me forward and make me want more are satisfied people and the lifetime memories they get from me.

For the last few years I can describe myself as wedding, lifestyle and travel photojournalist and that is what I do best.

My second biggest passion is travelling and I try to travel as much as possible in destinations that are not so popular by other tourists because I want to see the other , non-touristic,picture of the country I travel to and chance to get a story not everyone can tell.

My favourite continent is definitely Africa because it has taught me so much about life and broke so manny prejudices that I had so I think I will keep coming to this Beauty whenever I will have the chance.

When I have some free time I like to wind-surfing, hiking, cycling and rock climbing. I was born in Split many years ago, currently live in Zagreb with my wife Ivana.

Feel free to contact me to take your photos no matter where you are :). Me, my camera and passport are always ready for some travelling!

About me | Stipe Marinovic | Wedding Photographer